We welcome you and wish you a pleasant holiday.

You are kindly requested to read carefully and apply the campsite rules.

  • The renting of space is strictly personal and applies only to those who have been registered.
  • It is strictly prohibited to change places without the consent of the management.
  • The management reserves the right to change a camper’s place, if that is considered justified.
  • Any additional guests shall be charged based on the pricelist.
  • Day visitors must inform the Reception upon their arrival and must submit their identity cards or passports, which will be returned to them upon their departure. Guests staying for over 1 hour shall be charged with the approved day rate.
  • Electricity supply is strictly 6Α (about 1300 Watt). The electric power is meant for private use for low energy consumption appliances (refrigerator, lamps, radios, computers, etc.).  No use of appliances that exceed the aforementioned energy consumption due to possible damage to the installations.
  • The camping gate is open for vehicles 8.00-24.00. Driving on the campsite premises is allowed only during those hours. The speed limit is 15 km/h.
  • The campsite is governed by Tourism Law and is subject to inspections by the Greek National Tourism Organization, and therefore any intervention on your part which alters the initial and approved form of the campsite is prohibited. Moreover, the renting of accommodation space does not come under the provisions on residential or commercial leasing.
  • Campers are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal items. The camp shall not be held liable in any way unless it undertakes to safeguard these items.
  • Pets are not allowed in the accommodation facilities (Bungalows, mobile homes and rent caravans). They are allowed under conditions in the bamboo-huts. They are allowed on the rest campsite facilities as long as the owners hold the proper legal documents (e.g., dog health booklet). Owners must always keep their pets on a leash. Pet owners must make sure that the pets will not disturb the other campers in any way, neither by making noise nor with their behavior. Pets may not roam freely on the campsite or go into the sea. Owners must clean after their pets. It goes without saying that pet owners and their pets cannot continue staying at the campsite if the pets disturb the other campers.
  • Parents must look after their children to ensure that they observe and apply the rules, and that they do not disturb the other campers, especially during quiet hours. Moreover, young children must be accompanied to common-use areas by an adult so as to ensure the smooth running of the camp for everyone.
  • Parents of young children will be held responsible for any damage or accidents caused by the children.
  • Especially on the playground, children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult.
  • The observance of hygiene rules and efforts to maintain cleanliness are a sign of civilization and good upbringing.
  • Sports are prohibited in common-use areas.
  • Noise curfew is 14.30-17.30 and 24.00-8.00.
  • No use of audio and stereo equipment as well as music instruments and, in general, no loud noise making during the noise curfew. All other hours, noise must be kept at a level, which will not disturb the neighboring campers.
  • Any use of fire in outdoor areas is strictly prohibited. Campers must comply with the Fire Brigade and Forest Service rules regarding the use of barbeques.
  • It is prohibited to start a fire on the beach for any reason whatsoever. Furthermore, the use of household articles is prohibited on the beach.
  • Any interventions or additions altering the image of the campsite such as the construction of roofs, fences, storage areas, barbeques, makeshift toilets and showers, etc. using any construction materials is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, it is also prohibited to grow plants, remove the wheels from caravans and hold up tents using any means other than the traditional means.
  • It is prohibited to nail anything on tree trunks.
  • No water consumption for watering streets or flowers or for washing cars, boats or caravans.
  • It is prohibited to appropriate common facilities and areas (hosepipes on taps), to permanently put up umbrellas on the beach etc.
  • No car parking at other than the booked spot and the designated camping parking spots.
  • It is prohibited to create or construct in any way a permanent water provider at the camping spots.
  • The water provided at the camping spot is strictly intended for the filling of the caravan tank.
  • No trailer parking at the beach and, in general, places forbidden by the Reception.
  • No mooring of vessels in any part of the sea other than that designated by the Reception. It is also prohibited for vessels to move within the swimming zone, which is demarcated by buoys.
  • It is prohibited to empty out chemical toilets in common-use areas outside the designated area. A permanent camper is considered someone who stays at the camping for more than 60 days regardless of the check-in date from May 1st to September 30th of each year.
  • When absent from the campsite, caravans must be disconnected from the electricity network.
  • Any additional car brought in by a long-term camper shall be charged.
  • It is expressly prohibited to establish the base of an association – of any type and for any purpose – at the campsite, and to make mention or use of the campsite’s registered name.
  • The campsite manager has the lawful right to remove any non-conforming camper from the premises.
  • Signs, emblems, marks and notices constitute supplements to the rules.
  • Any entry into and stay at the campsite shall automatically be taken to mean acceptance of the above terms and conditions.